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All stores use security tags for preventing the theft of the items that they sell. A security tag consists of a very small device that emits a radio signal of high frequency. This is something that can easily be turned off by store officials. The signal from the security tag is released all the time and therefore it is not possible for a customer to leave the store without paying for the product. The tag gives off an alarm at the exit if you try taking a product without paying for it. Security tags are suitable for small products that can easily be concealed like video games and cases for DVDs and CDs. Deactivating the security tags is possible only when the product is bought. Deactivation is done by the use of a magnet that is highly powered and it works by neutralizing the signal. Once the device is deactivated, a beep sound is heard from the device meaning that the deactivation is successful. This works in shops as retail tags.

When you’re out purchasing, you’ve no uncertainty that a number of the products you see available nowadays, often be suited with safety tags. You might have also had the misery to embarrassingly have the warn noise as you attempted to leave a shop after buying an item/items, due to the fact that the security tag had not been gotten rid of by the cashier behind the counter. Safety tags are developed especially to ensure that buyers can not just get rid of the tags on their own, as they would certainly require accessibility to particularly created security tag removers. Yes, in order for employees to remove security tag products, unique removers will certainly have to be utilized.

Different Types of Security Tags

Prior to we check out ways to remove security tags with expert removers, first of all, allow’s start by looking at a few of the various sorts of security tag presently readily available. To aid make them greater very discreet as well as eye-catching to the consumers, safety tags are readily available in a variety of various forms, dimensions, and also layouts. There are some which are big and also dome designed, whereas there are others such as very discreet magnetic strips which you possibly identify from the rear of DVDs, Games, as well as Blu Rays. These magnetic strips are really typical as well as extremely functional, yet eliminating them is a rather complicated procedure.

Security tags come in a variety of decorative forms in shapes like stickers, dome labels, hot stamp holograms and metal labels for protecting the garments from being stolen. They also come as ink tags and are made by the use of patented technology. There are even magnetic security tags used by many retail chains, libraries and super markets. The magnetic security tags have a magnetic iron strip with an adhesive layer attached to them. It is the strip that is deactivated with the help of a scanner that uses a sort of magnetic field.

Using a Security Tag Remover

Many a times, it happens that we tend to purchase some clothes from a store and then forget to get the security tag removed even though we pay for the clothes or for any other product. This is when it becomes very important to remove the security tag. Security tag removal is not an easy process to carry out. It requires a lot of effort to be put into or the use of special tools or removers that can instantly remove the tag from the products. Different types of  Security Tag Remover are available in the market and some of the most popular ones have been detailed below:

Magnetic Security Tag Remover

The magnetic security tag remover removes the pin from the tags and is specially designed to be mounted on top with the POS system or the counter. The magnetic removers work with the magnetic locking tags and will never work with the clam tags. They can even be used with large hard tags, mini hard tags, knogo tags and satellite tags and they are sold only to retail stores.

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Security Tag Remover

How do magnetic strip security tags work?

Most commonly, these small magnetic security tag strips are equipped with a small iron strip which comes complete with a sticky adhesive layer attached to it. This adhesive layer is then stuck firmly onto the products on offer, and it must then be removed and deactivated to prevent the alarm from sounding as the tag passes through the scanner.

How to remove magnetic security tag items

As mentioned, when it comes to magnetic security tags and strips, in order for them to not set off the alarm as the item leaves the store, they must be deactivated and removed. Magnetic security tag removers work by carefully removing the pin out of the tags, and is specially designed in order for it to be mounted directly onto the counter, or the POS system. Not only do they work with magnetic tags, these removers also work with other security tags too, including: mini hard tags, hard tags, satellite tags, and more besides.

Power Remover

The power remover is an electric detacher used for removing security tags. It works by automatically removing the pin from the tag when an item is purchased at a store. It can only be used with Microgator and Ultragator hard tags and it cannot work with super tags.

Universal Security Tag Remover

The universal Security Tag Remover is a magnetic remover that can be used with all magnetic tags. This includes golf tags, mini hard tags, mini clam tags and regular tags. This remover possesses amazing strength and it is this feature that will help you save a lot of time using it. Check out

Hand Remover

The MK75 hand remover for security tags works by removing the pin from the Microgator or Ultragator hard tags. This remover only works with the Microgator and Ultragator hard tags and not with the super tags.

AMD3050 Power Remover

It is an electric remover that works with super hard tags and is removed by store officials at the time of purchase. It can never work with Microgator and Ultragator hard tags.

Alpha Remover

The products from Alpha make use of their very specific remover key for unlocking different products. The alpha remover works with all alpha security tags and products like spiders and keepers. All security tags have different technologies used in their manufacture and therefore it is essential to look into the technologies of the removers that are used for removing the security tags.

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