What are the Different Varieties of a Security Tag Remover?

Clothing stores generally tag some items with the use of security tags as a measure against theft. If you try leaving a store with the security tag on the product you will either get caught due to the alarm that is released by the tag.  There are some tags that also spill ink if you try removing them with making use of a security tag remover. Getting a product with the security tag on might not be an intentional action if your intentions are quite clear. Sometimes it happens by chance or due to the clerk’s inattentiveness at the checkpoint. If this happens then you would definitely require a security tag remover to get rid of the tag.

Methods of Removing Security Tags

There exists no magical method that can be used for the removal of security tags found generally on clothing and on small products. The best thing to do in this respect is getting back to the store, explaining the store officials about what had happened and getting the tag removed. It will not be a problem if you have the receipt of your purchase. The other alternatives that can be used if you are too lazy to go to the store include:

•    Cut off the security tag with a wire cutter or a dremel. The best thing to do would be to invest some money is getting a dremel if you do not possess one because a wire cutter would not work very well in removing the security tag because wire cutters are generally too thick. All you can do is get a thin wire cutter if possible. Besides, a dremel is more effective but it will be a bit more costly.

•    You can use rubber bands to remove the security tag. Basically what you need to do is envelop the rubber band around the pin of the tag until it loosens and then pull out the tag.

•    For removing ink tags, you need to freeze the tag and the garment or the product and then rip the product open with some brute force. Frozen ink will not spill. Another great alternative is to cover the tag with a plastic bag and then tear it off. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is that you have to hit at the correct place.

Security Tag Remover

Three Varieties of Hard Tag Removers

It is always very important that the hard Security Tag Remover matches up well with the tag type that you are willing to remove. The three basic varieties of hard tag removers include:

•    Magnetic Remover •    Ultramax Remover •    Supertag Remover

The magnetic tag removers are basically used for removing the hard plastic security clothing tags. There are varying shapes and sizes available with these removers and the strength also differs. The basic designs in magnetic tag removers are Sensormatic, Knogo and Checkpoint and they are also known as detachers.


security tag remover

The standard security tags with the big plastic gears are no longer the only security items available to protect the store goods. It is more and more common that stores use more discrete devices to avoid people from remove security tag. Some of them are on your clothes even after using them, and you will not ever notice.

The small size of these devices makes them perfect for tagging accessories, and even the shop dependents do not know exactly where these devices are. They are just instructed to deactivate the security device by placing the items on top of a particular machine. On this article, we will go through how to remove security tag coming from new technologies.


If it is not an annoying device, and you can wear your clothes, it might not seem important to know how to take off a security tag. Nevertheless, have you ever wondered why whenever you use your favorite jeans or jacket you turn on the alarm of every store you get in or out?

Indeed, you are not shoplifting, and guards know it because you activated the alarms on your way in. However, you did not remove security tag from your clothes, and you are just innocently wandering around activating all alarms.


The underlying technology used for the modern way of placing security tags is called RF that stands for Radio Frequency. There is also a more advanced technology called RFID that stands for Radio Frequency IDentification.

Both are wireless technologies and can be placed on small and discrete devices, very easy to hide. Later on, we will go deep on how to take off a security tag from RF or RFID, but first, let’s learn more about the technologies.


The fundamental principle of RF technology resides on a transmitter and a receiver. The security tag is a passive device that reacts to the transmitter and sends a response to the receiver. Both, transmitter and receiver are typically located at the store entrance.

RF technology is a simple solution to the shoplifting problem. To remove security tag is very easy, but the actual challenge on how to take off a security tag is first to find it.


The RFID technologies use the same basic principle of RF technology but with a wider scope. The difference is that RFID has the capability to program different responses so that the item can be fully identified.

RFID works well to prevent shoplifting, but it can be used for many other porpoises. One of the most useful, not yet implemented, is to use them as a substitute of barcodes to identify the products. In some time, you will just have to pass your shopping cart through the reader, and it will detect all the merchandise you are taking from the store and will automatically print your bill.


As for removal, security tags are meant not to be removed. The strongest security tags are part of the item, sometimes concealed in a hidden place and they can only be deactivated. To remove security tag would mean to destroy the merchandise.

However, that applies to some products only. There are other articles where it is easy to learn how to remove security tag, and most times all you need are scissors. As mentioned before, the true challenge on how to take off a security tag is to find it first.


Depending on the vendor, the task of finding an RF security tag on clothes can be easy or nearly impossible. Most manufacturers use the typical labels to enclose the security tag.

If you look at the cloth labels closely, you will find one that might not have any information printed on it, or with a legend telling you to “remove this tag before use.” It might be the RF security tag. How to remove security tag once you have found it is straightforward. Just cut it or tear it off.

To confirm it was the security tag you were taking out, examine the content. You should find a metallic strip inside. That is the RF device that sends back the signal when it goes through the transmitter-receiver arrangement. If you were activating the alarms for no apparent reason, you just got rid of the problem.


Other manufacturers conceal the RF tag inside the cloth, and it is nearly impossible to take it out without destroying the item. You might find it because it will feel somehow rigid. Most times, the RF device is concealed inside a plastic strip, and that makes it easier to find. However, to learn how to take off a security tag would mean to unstitch your clothes and then use needles and thread to put it back together.


RF security tags are widely used for other merchandise besides clothing. The following list is of the most common picks to keep items secure on stores. However, RF technology can be placed on practically anything. Depending on their statistics of shoplifting, they will choose to tag different items every time.

· Accessories

· Backpacks

· Books

· Discs

· Dishes

· Electronics

· Movies

· Sports gear

· Suitcase

· Toys

Just as it is for clothes, to learn how to remove security tag from any of these items depends on how skilled you are to find them. Some of them are not meant to be removed, and that is the particular case of the newest books, which come with integrated RF tags from the editors.

To remove security tag would mean to destroy the item, and the only way to get rid of it is to deactivate it. Nonetheless, you will not even notice if your security tag remains active on most of these items, so relax! There is no need to remove security tag.

How to Remove a Security Tag Types of Security Tags Security Tag Detacher


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