Types of Security Tags

Universal Security Tag Remover

The Universal Security Tag Remover utilizes magnetic to get rid of mainly all type of magnetic tags such as mini clam tags, golf tags, and so on. These sort of tags includes world power as well as strength which is hard for a thief to handle.

Hand Remover

System which Hand Remover utilizes is that it tryings by getting rid of the pin from Microgator or Ultragator hard tags. This is actually a wonderful assistant for stores to maintain all the things more secure from store lifter.

Power Remover

Power Remover is kind of electric detacher which can safely remove security tags and supports Microgator and Ultragator hard tags.

Sensormatic SuperTag Anti-Theft Security Tag

Security tags, how they work and more!

Types Of Security Tags Used In Retail Shops

How to Remove a Security Tag

Security Tag Detacher

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