How to Remove Security Tag

Security tags are nasty objects, but necessary to avoid shoplifting. At times, the store forgets to take them out. Then you have to remove security tag on your own, and it can be a nightmare. We have prepared a guide with four suitable tips on how to remove security tag. We recommend using the last one since it is the only secure way to do it. All other are effective only if you are impertinent enough and constant to achieve success.

This advice is meant for people who legally bought clothes, and the store forgot to remove the security tags. It is not intended for shoplifting. Please avoid those behaviors and eat fruits and vegetables.


Brute force techniques are diverse. You can use tweezers, icepick, screwdrivers and other tools. Brute force methods on how to remove security tag are based on breaking the device until it gets off the cloth. There is a high risk of breaking the clothes in the process. You should be careful while you try to remove security tag if you don’t want to say goodbye to your brand new clothes.

The best approach is to disassemble the device piece by piece. Depending on the type and quality this can be harsh or smooth. For some devices, you can use a rubber band to loosen the pin that is the first seal a security tag has. The rubber band has to have some particular characteristics. It has to be large, strong and thick. That is a rare combination. How thick you need it depends on the device only. It must fit around the pin, or it will not work.

You can also try to break the plastic with other tools and by other means until you take off the pin, but the rubber band is the most effective tool to do it, so look for some rubber bands to try them all.

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A magnet is what keeps the security tag in its place. It is strong, and will not easily detach. I have not proved this theory, but it is said that if you use a strong magnet, the security tag will loosen, and you can easily remove security tags. I wonder if it works. The problem is for most that we have no access to such a magnet. Then, as clever as this technique might be on how to remove security tag, it can be even harder than brute force.

If you are a scientist or some sort of researcher who has access to labs where you use strong magnets, you can try this one and confirm if it worked for you. Some people claim to have done it with a hard drive magnet. If you have an old hard drive that is not working or one to spare, then give it a shot, since it seems to be the cleanest technique so far.


The brute force applied to ink tags can result on permanently stain your clothes. That is as nasty as breaking them. If you wonder how to remove security tags safety for ink tags, just freeze it.

Ink is a liquid, and it will not spill when it is frozen. Then use brute force even more carefully, because you can still stain your clothes if your tools touch the ink and the clothes. Once you get the frozen ink free, take it out and clean the device and tools to continue with the process. Beware of timing, because if you take too much time opening, it will melt with just the same results.

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I bet you have never thought about this one. Talking to your fellow humans is the most efficient way to remove security tag. Don’t you wonder how to remove security tag talking to other people? It is simple. Let me tell you how I did it.

It all started when I was on vacations in Vegas. We went shopping, and I had some lovely dresses. I wanted to wear a black cute little dress on my last night in Vegas, but the tag was on it. I just chose another, and just wondered how to remove security tags that night.

After a night at the nightclub that closed with my casino winning night at the poker table, I was returning at 8 am to the hotel room. I still needed to pack to get home. My flight was at 12, and my luck just continued when I successfully was able to solve the problem on how to remove security tags.

Time was tight since I also had breakfast, so I couldn’t go to the store where I had bought the dress. It was at the Shops Mall, which I wasn’t sure would be open at that time. I still kept the dress in a separate bag with its ticket. Then, after checkout and while we were waiting for the taxi (it was actually a limousine since there were no taxis available), I decided to ask the souvenir store in the hotel if they could remove security tag for me. It was a nasty ink security tag, and unfortunately, they had not the same machine in that store. But they gave me directions to another store that might have it. It was just a 3-minute walk to the nearby shopping passage. I hurried, and guess what? I was lucky again! They quickly remove security tag in less than 30 seconds.

All I did was ask politely, show them my ticket, say thank you and smile. That proved to be the best technique to how to remove security tag. I highly recommend it. You don’t need to go to the same store, but it is much better if you kept and took your ticket. Shoplift is common, and they’ll want to check you legally bought it. Be nice, and everything will be okay. People are eager to help when you are polite.

Easy Steps on How to Remove Security Tags

To discourage buyers from shoplifting, stores often attach security tags to all their products and articles. It’s an effective anti-theft measure. However, once you’ve bought the item the security tag needs to be removed (it is prudent if you can have the clerks remove the tag prior to leaving the store). Trying to remove it yourself can lead to spilling the ink from the tag. But you may be able to remove it even so. How? Follow these easy steps on how to remove security tag to find out.

It should go without saying that the information provided herein is purposely written to remedy a situation, not to encourage shoplifting. The info should, thus, be used for educational purposes only.

Steps to Removing Security Tags from Items

#1: Give the store a call prior – To save yourself the anguish of removing a security tag, in case a clerk has missed the tag at a checkout, place a call to the store first and find out if their security tags contain a ruinous ink before removing. It will save not only your time but also your purchase from getting damaged. However, make sure to explain your reason(s) for asking. The last thing you want to do is come across as a shoplifter in waiting.

#2: Place the tag in a freezer – Once the store has confirmed the worst, your next step should be to put the security tag in a freezer. Not so that you may smash it but that the ink inside may solidify enough to be quickly removed. It’s a simple but ingenious way of avoiding spilling the ink on your purchase when ‘doing it yourself’. Ensure the article stays in the freezer for not less than two hours. Two hours should be enough time to solidify completely the tag’s ink.

#3: Get a neodymium magnet – Wait, scratch that, get two of these magnets. They are locally available at major computer stores at an affordable price, or better, extract them from that timeworn computer that’s gathering dust in your garage. Neodymium magnets are found in the hard drive of a computer. Can’t ordinary magnets be of use for the task, you ask? They’re not strong enough.

#4: Remove tag from the freezer – Once two hours are up, remove the security tag from the freezer and firmly place it on a hard but firm surface, preferably a sturdy table with stable legs. Make certain to put the security tag with its dome-shaped knob facing up. Wait, don’t remove it just yet (at least wait for us to blow you a smoke signal).

Then pile the two neodymium magnets on top of one another. Make sure the surface of the security tag, which is where the dome-shaped knob is, is held against the two magnets. Then smoothly remove the security tag from your purchased item by using your hands to pull its underneath out. Now that wasn’t difficult, was it? There is a handful of ways on how to remove security tags from items, but there’s no finer way anywhere. C’mon try it!

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